Artisan Milanese Panettone


Artisan Milanese Panettone  Net Weight: 1000 gr.

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Artisan Milanese Panettone
Net Weight: 1000 gr.

Panettone is more than just a Christmas tradition in Milan. For many, the Christmas season only begins when the Panettone hits the shelves. However, many tall tales divide the Milanese surrounding who invented the classic dessert with the candied heart.

The most believed inventor is Ugo, the son of Giacomo Degli Atellani, a nobleman in the court of Ludovico Il Moro, the Duke of Milan. Ugo had fallen madly in love with Adalgisa, the daughter of Toni, a simple baker. Ugo and Adalgisa would meet secretly at night, until one day when Adalgisa told her lover she would no longer be able to meet him since her father fell ill and would have to work in his shop.

Ugo told her that he would do anything to be with her and started working every night in the bakery. But despite his efforts kneading loaves of bread every night, the business was only successful when Toni was working. When Toni offered to sell his business and leave Milan, the two young lovers’ world had come crashing down. Ugo, who worked primarily as a falconer, was in despair with a shattered hope of marrying Adalgisa. Ugo stole two falcons from Ludovico il Moro and sold them to buy butter, which he mixed into the bread. The next day, the bakery was swamped with people wanting to try the ‘’Pan del Toni’’ (the bread of Toni). The business was saved!

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