Babà with Limoncello


Babà with Limoncello 300 gr

Babà and limoncello are the perfect combination of these MUSTs of the PARTENOPEAN tradition. Not to be missed.

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Babà with Limoncello

Net Weight : 300 gr.

 Alcohol content: 14%
Volume / : 20 cl.

Babà derives from a typical Polish dessert that was dry tea even if it was served accompanied by a sort of sauce made with Madeira wine, sugar and spices; The legend of the birth of the baba tells that one day the tsar, fed up with the cloying dessert, threw it across the table where by pure chance there was a bottle of rum. The sweet liqueur spilling on the babà gave off such a scent that the tsar, after tasting it, fell in love with it and, being a passionate reader of “The Thousand and One Nights”, he called him Alì Babà, like a famous character in these stories. From the court of the sovereign the baba was then exported to France, in Paris, with the sole name of baba.

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