4 X 250gr. CAFFEN Ground Coffee Blend OGGI


4 X 250gr. “CAFFEN” Ground Coffee Blend OGGI

Created to satisfy lovers of Neapolitan-style espresso, it is a blend with a strong and decisive taste. In our House-Line it is the most sold product. Obtained by expertly blending Arabica and Robusta quality coffee from the best plantations, it is ground and vacuum-packed.

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4 X 250gr. CAFFEN Ground Coffee  Blend  OGGI
The history of the CAFFEN roasting began in 1955, in the heart of the ancient Neapolitan city, from a great passion for coffee that only a Neapolitan doc like the founder Don Luigi Percuoco could transform into a product with a unique and inimitable taste, appreciated today by many consumers with the “Caffen” brand (not surprisingly an acronym of “Caffè Napoletano”).

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