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Caprese Cake with lemon 500 gr

The Caprese cake is a pastry product that has been able to conquer the world thanks to its goodness, ease of execution and versatility (it can represent the perfect dessert, a delicious breakfast, or an ideal dessert for more or less special occasions). A variant much appreciated the classic one is represented by the lemon caprese cake. At the base remain the classic ingredients, including eggs and almonds, but the dark chocolate is replaced with the white one, the addition of lemon does the rest. A delicious dessert that can transport you to the Amalfi coast with the first bite, between the scent of fresh lemons and the sea air. Let’s say that the “conversion to lemon” represented an obligatory step, not to say taken for granted. Facing the island of Capri, in fact, the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts rise: locations known for their extraordinary “yellow fruits” (as well as for their countless other beauties).



Caprese Cake with lemon  Net Weight: 500gr

The Neapolitan pastry is certainly among the most prolific in Italy, many typical sweets whose aromas inebriate the streets of the city every day between babà, sfogliatelle, zeppole and much more, aromas and flavors that come mostly from famous Neapolitan pastry shops, which have created or made famous many of the most beloved desserts in the city: such as the sfogliatella riccia di Attanasio or the shortcrust pastry of Carraturo, the Ministeriale di Scaturchio and the millefeuille of Moccia, up to the snowflakes of Poppella

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