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Eggplant balls – with mozzarella cheese 500 gr

Ready to be fried. Produced in Naples with excellent local raw materials



Eggplant balls – with Mozzarella cheese 

All TORTORA  products are born in a large professional kitchen. It is here, in the beating heart of the company, that every recipe comes to life. A team effort where a close-knit team of chefs, pastry chefs and rotisserie specialists choose the ingredients, prepare the recipes and with the support of the production technicians ensures that the taste and aroma of the fresh product arrives intact on the table. Many of our products are born from the Neapolitan culinary tradition, which as everyone knows, is rich and articulated and does not allow half measures in terms of taste. Our daily bet is to preserve the fragrance of each recipe, making our products a valid and quality choice for all tables. This is why we only use carefully selected ingredients and we are always the first to use what we produce in the kitchen.

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