Friarielli – Fried Neapolitan style


Friarielli – Fried Neapolitan style

Hand crafted. Prepared according to tradition with garlic, oil and chilli.

Typical green leafy vegetables from Campania. Frozen product already cooked.

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Friarielli – Fried Neapolitan style
Net Weight: 400gr

Friarielli al peperoncino: history and recipe of the Neapolitan
dish A dish with a bitter and spicy taste, symbol of the Neapolitan culinary tradition. Broccoli are a variety of turnip greens that grow in the inland areas of Campania. In ancient times they were also cultivated on the Vomero hill, called for this reason “ ‘o colle d’ ‘e friarielle ”. According to some, the name “friariello” derives from the Castilian ” frio-grelos ” (winter broccoli), according to others from the Neapolitan verb  “frijere” (to fry). Broccoli was born as a humble dish, cooked by poor families who did not have financial resources. It is said that the women of the populace (“the zandraglie”) put themselves outside the kitchens of the Royal Palace to contend, ranting and arguing among themselves, for the leftovers of food thrown away. Among these there were also turnip greens, considered by real chefs as waste that cannot be used in the kitchen. But how were turnip greens cooked? They were ” ammonnate ” (ie cleaned of the parts not suitable for frying), washed and, still wet, tossed in a pan together with the lard (” a nzogna “), garlic, salt and hot red pepper. Today lard has given way to extra virgin olive oil, the most stable at the high temperatures necessary for frying.

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