Grilled Ramata Onion from Montoro


Grilled Ramata Onion from Montoro 

“Ramata” Montoro Onion Grilled in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 220 gr

Product of excellence from Campania. A strict disciplinary follows. TO TRY

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Grilled Ramata Onion from Montoro 
Net Weight: 220gr

Montoro Inferiore and Superiore are the municipalities in the province of Avellino to which the name of the copper onion is linked; an onion, where the adjective “coppery” is due to the typical copper color of the outer tunic of the bulb; particularly appreciated on the national and foreign market for its sweet taste and intensely aromatic smell, for its high resistance to cooking and for its extraordinary storage capacity linked to the high percentage of dry matter. It is grown with a traditional method that has remained unchanged for years

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