Lady Fingers – biscuits –


Lady Fingers – Net Weight: 400 gr.

Sweet and light biscuits with a very crumbly and spongy consistency. They are famous for being one of the main ingredients of Tiramisu, but they can be a sweet accompaniment for breakfast, for an afternoon break or for a herbal tea or hot tea



Lady Fingers – Net Weight: 400 gr.

The Lady fingers ( Savoiardi) take their name from the Savoy region, they are one of the main ingredients of the most famous spoon desserts such as Tiramisù, Count Cavour’s favorite dessert, and Charlotte and finally they are certified as a traditional agri-food product of Piedmont and Molise, a region in which are better known as Prestofatti. They are sweet, very light, crumbly and frothy biscuits with an elongated shape with rounded corners. The “Savoy biscuits” were produced in the late Middle Ages and more precisely in 1348, by a pastry chef from the court of Amedeo VI, who decided to serve them during a lunch organized in honor of the royals of France. Success was immediate and the Savoiardi were officially adopted by the Royal House of Savoy, becoming the favorite biscuit of the young heirs of the dynasty.

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