Lemon Scialatielli Pasta I FERDINANDO II


 Lemon Scialatielli  Pasta 500 gr 

The best combination of tradition and innovation. The flavor of lemon makes perfect combinations with seafood dishes


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Lemon Scialatielli   Pasta Netto: 500gr

The scialatielli are a type of pasta used in the tradition of the Campania region. The name of the scialatielli presumably derives from two words of the Neapolitan dialect “scialare” (enjoy) and “tiella” (pan). This type of pasta is typical of the Amalfi Coast, where it was created by the chef Enrico Cosentino in 1978, when, by presenting the scialatielli to a culinary competition, he obtained the entremetier prize of the year thanks to them. They are shorter strips than spaghetti, wider and with a rather irregular rectangular section. They are traditionally made by hand, flour, water and / or milk, grated cheese, chopped fresh basil, salt and eggs but are also sold as an industrial production format. They are recognized as an agri-food product of the Campania region.

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