Lemon Liquor


Lemon Liquor

Lemon Limoncello Amerigo 1954  500ml

Limoncello is an excellent digestive, in fact it is usually consumed after meals, but it can also be used to moisten or flavor sweets, fruit salads and ice creams.




Lemon Liquor
Net Weight: 500ml
Alchol Content: 21%

Limoncello is a typical liqueur of Campania, in particular of the Amalfi coast, made with lemon peels whose alcohol content varies between 20% and 32% vol. A sweet liqueur, with a characteristic yellow color, which is obtained by letting the lemon peels macerate in pure alcohol with the addition of a syrup based on water and sugar. Once prepared, it must remain in the bottle for at least 1 month, before being tasted.

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