Each painting describes an instant, an instant impossible to stop completely.

The watercolors, which almost move independently of the will of a hand or a thought, are the main narrators of this story. They tell a lot, tell for long time and with freedom, offering a distillate of perfect associations in their imperfections. The colors and smells are thus told, collected and detonated on a delicate sheet of Amalfi paper in their original versions.

Thus prickly pears explode on their thorny leaves, boiled beets contrasted with unripe apples, colors of the earth and the fire that composes it, details of sea stars immersed in Capri water, deep blue and smooth rocks.
An instant full of vibrations resulting from constant dialogue,
of a continuous search for balance that manifests itself in a compromise,
a full and rich chromatic margin that palpitates intensely over time.

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emanuela de caro


Limited edition reproductions in 21 pieces signed and numbered by hand;
made on 100% cotton FineArt paper 190g, acid-free paper and lignin for excellent resistance to aging;
application on aluminum composite panel, complete with structure for wall anchoring;
natural dimension of the original 35cm x 50cm.

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