Painted Good Luck Horn with Totò


Painted Good Luck Horn with Totò

Decorated by hand

Solidarity, legality and fairness are the values ​​that inspire all the people involved



Painted Good Luck Horn with Totò

Dim: 19cm x 4cm

The main purpose is to offer individual growth paths alternative to detention, to create a solidarity and legal network that is a strength and awareness that tends to the full social and cultural integration of the subjects involved.

The idea was born by merging the various experiences that have converged in the ” Gelsomina Verde Workshop of cultures ” located in Scampia; the “ Iron Angels ” cooperative has made its craftsmanship available and (R) existence Anticamorra has chosen among its members the most interested in metalworking.

A structured laboratory for the realization of the tree of Liberty offers a space in which it becomes possible to build real paths of change and reunion with the healthy social, in which the interested parties acquire a professionalism and rediscover meaning in the role of workers, also finding financial relief and economic development of a strongly tried territory.

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