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Pasta Omelettes with Bucatini and Artisanal Bechamel 500 gr

Ready to be fried and eaten. Produced in Naples with excellent local raw materials



Pasta Omelettes with Bucatini and Artisanal Bechamel

When it comes to pasta omelette in Naples, a very precise distinction must be made: there is the home version and the smaller one, the omelette to be clear, proposed in fry shops. THE REAL ” FRITTATA di MACCARONI” IS PREPARED WITH SPAGHETTI. The classic macaroni omelette, the Neapolitans what you call it and do not call it pasta omelette, was born as a recipe for recycling advanced pasta. Purists say that the real macaroni omelette is the one made with spaghetti, or vermicelli, in white. So even if it is made with long pasta, in the jargon it is always macaroni. Over the years, this dish has become the ultimate packed lunch to be enjoyed on any occasion. In fact, there is no trip, to the sea or to the mountains or school, in which a Neapolitan does not bring with him a nice slice of macaroni omelette.

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