Piennolo Tomatoes in Water


Piennolo Tomato in Water Pomodorino in Acqua

Unique tomatoes with a wrinkled appearance and firm skin. EXCELLENCE OF PARTENOPEA agrogastronomy The Piennolo del Vesuvio Tomato is a variety of tomato grown exclusively on the volcanic slopes of Vesuvius. Already recognized as a traditional agri-food product by the Campania region, the “Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio” has become a DOP since 2009

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 Were attributed various denominations to the new plant in various languages: in Italy “tomato”, “love apple” in English, “pomme d’amour” in French, “Libesapfel” in German. All terms that, starting from the Italian one, contain an explicit reference to love. For the sake of completeness of information I must add that some believe that the term tomato derives from a distortion of the expression “pomo dei mori”, since the tomato belongs to the Solanaceae family like the aubergine, a favorite vegetable at that time by the whole Arab world, or to the first variety of yellow fruits, then replaced by the red variety, both varieties originating from South America.

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