Potato Croquette


Frozen product – For frying. Ready in minutes. It is suggested to remove it a few hours before frying it in order not to make the mistake of having a cold heart.



Potato Croquette 
Net Weight:500gr

They can be enjoyed during aperitifs accompanied by a good glass of wine and other delicacies. At one time, they were sold in the alleys of the historic center of Naples by “panzerottari”, who at the time threw the ready-made dough into the pot of hot oil to serve them hot and golden. We are talking about the famous potato crocchè, a typical dish of the Neapolitan culinary tradition. In Naples they are also called “panzarotti”, perhaps because of their pot-bellied shape: they recall, in fact, a soft and round “belly”. The origins of this fried meatball made with potatoes and egg still divide historians today.

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