Rigatoni Pasta from Gragnano


Rigatoni Pasta from Gragnano 500gr

“Letters from Italy” – Lettere dall’ITALIA. Stories of Products and Tradition.
Bronze drawn pasta from Gragnano. 100% Italian wheat.

The “City of Macaroni”. This is how Ferdinand II of Bourbon defined Gragnano in 1845 when – impressed by the quality of the pasta made in this locality – he decided to have all the long pasta destined for the court of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies produced here. The production of pasta has been linked to the Campania tradition since the sixteenth century, but it was in the nineteenth century that the first pasta factories of this small town in the province of Naples were born. Above all, the wealth of pure water sources rich in minerals suitable for the dough was the characteristic thanks to which Gragnano became the heart of the production of durum wheat semolina pasta. The IGP mark of Typical Geographical Indication arrived in 2013 and provides for a very strict discipline. Did you know that the drying period of Gragnano pasta can last up to 60 hours? It is worth the wait to savor perfection.



Rigatoni Pasta from Gragnano
Net Weight: 500gr

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