Seasoned Bagnolese Pecorino Cheese


Seasoned Bagnolese Pecorino  Cheese Net Weight: 300 gr.

Seasoned Bagnolese Pecorino cheese  is an artisanal  and native product – Limited quantities unique experience. SLOW FOOD PRESIDIO

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Seasoned Bagnolese Pecorino Cheese 
Net Weight: 300 gr.

Sold in pieces – The whole wheel is between 1200/1400 gr. An incredible story of excellence – produced on the Lacerno plateau in Irpinia. The Bagnolese sheep is reduced to about 60,000 heads, kept in the wild and led through the pastures as they once did – Do not miss this experienceThe Pecorino Bagnolese Agricultural Cooperative was born in 2009 from the union of 5 Bagnolesi shepherds headed by Patrizio Della Polla as manager.The purpose of the company in addition to preserving the sheep breed ( PECORA BAGNOLESE ) is to increase the spread of products deriving from the manual processing, handed down for generations, of sheep’s milk.The genuineness of the product is guaranteed by the natural grazing feeding, by the small size of the farms, family run and far from the large urban settlements.

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