Sfogliate Ricce 4 pieces 


Sfogliate Ricce 4 pieces 

Handcrafted product. Ancient Neapolitan recipe. Ready in the oven 25 minutes

Walking through the streets of Naples, you can come across some historic pastry shops, where the sfogliatelle are in plain sight. NOT TO BE MISSED

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Sfogliate Ricce 4 pieces 
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According to tradition, this Neapolitan dessert was born in the 17th century inside the cloistered convent of Santa Rosa da Lima on the Amalfi coast, between Furore and Conca dei Marini, where one day one of the nuns in charge of the kitchen to avoid wasting semolina cooked in milk which was advanced ” he threw in some dried fruit, sugar and lemon liqueur ” thinking it could be an excellent filling. He then prepared two sheets of pasta made with ” lard and white wine “, filled them with semolina filling and after giving them the shape of a monk’s hood, he baked them; This is how this dessert originated, which took its name from the saint to whom the convent was named.

Given the goodness of the sfogliatella, the mother Superior then decided to make ends meet by putting it on the classic convent wheel on the day of the feast of Santa Rosa in August, a tradition that spread its knowledge in the Neapolitan territory.

The recipe was jealously guarded for many years within the walls of the Convento convent until in the early 1800s a Neapolitan innkeeper, Pasquale Pintauro, apparently managed to obtain it from his aunt nun and made his fortune having had the ‘intuition to transform his simple tavern into a pastry shop that still exists today, after 200 years, even if only in the name.

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