The Vesuvian “Piennolo” TOMATO Cluster


The Vesuvian “Piennolo” TOMATO Cluster 

Piennolo 1500 gr. Exclusive Campania tradition for the uniqueness of the morphology of the territory and the uniqueness of the seed. High quality handcrafted product. SWEET TASTE acidulous aftertaste. AWESOME . It’s possible to keep  it hanged for several months.

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The Vesuvian “Piennolo” TOMATO Cluster 

Net Weight: 1500 gr

Tomatoes grown exclusively on the volcanic slopes of Vesuvius. Since 2009 it has become a PDO. With a typical weight of 35-30 g with a typical goatee at the lower end, firm and compact leathery skin, sweet taste and acidic aftertaste. This variety is called “Piennolo” because the conservation technique requires the formation of “piennoli” that is pendulums (whole bunches) NOT TO BE MISSED

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